Monitoring & Evaluation

NaSIA’s monitoring and evaluation measures in the educational sector are key to upholding set standards and uncovering issues that may negatively impact the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Monitoring activities are carried out by Inspection Panels (IPs) and may be scheduled or unannounced to ensure accountability by the school management. The end result is an improvement in school management, performance, and learning outcomes for all learners.

Payment Details
Mobile Money Payments:
Account Name: National Inspectorate Board
Account Number: 0546139564
Merchant Number: 145726
Bank Account name: National Schools Inspectorate Authority
Direct Bank Deposits:
Bank Account Name: National Schools Inspectorate Authority
Bank Name & Branch Name: UBA – Heritage Tower Branch
Bank Account Number: 0112584102517
* All cheques and proof of payments should be submitted to NaSIA for a receipt
* Scanned copies of pay-in slips and proof of payments may be sent via