School Inspections

NaSIA’s School Inspections support quality school leadership and governance in order to maintain the highest educational standards. The inspections provide guidance and support to all Pre-Tertiary Educational Institutions on the maintenance of academic and educational management standards as well as empowering stakeholders to implement such standards.

Our statistical random sampling approach enables us to gain an understanding of the standards and quality of education provided, either across Ghana as a whole or in a particular region or district. School Inspections vary. The type of inspection carried out in a school reflects the purpose of the inspection. Currently, the four inspection types conducted by NaSIA are: Whole School Inspection, School Performance Inspection, Compliance Inspection and Investigative Inspection.
Additional information about the types of School Inspections can be found in the School Establishment and Inspection Policy.

To the right is a diagram that outlines the procedures for a School Inspection.